Friday, June 6, 2008

CENCALOK : The final chapter

After 1 year, the chapters of CENCALOK has finally come to an end.

On this very date, a year ago, this blog was created to better understand myself and everything around me. I began to explore what has never been planned nor erradicate. A place I share my thoughts and views, without premidition and on the spur of the moment.

Here, not only have I shared part of my life, but passing strangers that became friends and shared part of their life with me. To each and everyone who pitched into the journey with me, I thank you.

I would have never thought my rants and ramblings have crossed far beyond its destined path. I'm truly glad that CENCALOK has inspired others and became abode for many souls.

CENCALOK has reached it's destination. It has been truly a great joy and experience. Shall miss every single moment I've shared here. On this malancholy note, I bid farewell to my CENCALOK.

", love me when I'm gone..."

ps: Skrang nak pi jual belachan plak. :P